Spiritually Guiding

Many of the children who come to the Central Florida Children’s Home have little or no religious background. We provide an environment that puts an emphasis on spirituality, and as a faith-based organization, we encourage children to attend the Eastland Baptist Church and a Biblicaly based school.

We also encourage family and personal devotions and home, with the ultimate goal of bringing Jesus Christ into these children’s lives. Children that attend Eastland Christian School have the opportunity to acquire moral and spiritual values while developing a strong character.

Our children are taught the doctrines of self-discipline, respect for authority, obedience to the law and love for our flag and country by attending the Bible-based school and participating in Eastland Baptist Church activities. Children are prepared to be productive and responsible citizens and they learn to value a Christ-centered lifestyle.

What makes Eastland Baptist Church so special is that it is a place to worship, but also to learn. Everyone is cared for and accepted, so the children at the Central Florida Children’s Home are able to adapt quickly to the new environment and find fellowship with ease. Church programs include Sunday School, church choir, Sunday morning worship and youth meetings.

With the help of our volunteers, the Central Florida Children’s Home can continue to preserve our Christ-based activities and encourage participation in church-related events from each child.

Please contact us about volunteer opportunities so that we can continue to offer spiritual guidance for our children.