How to Help

Ways to Help Us Reach Our Goals!

  • Donate Money
    You can put your dollars to work by donating money to the Central Florida Children’s Home. Our monetary donations help pay for the costs of hosting a family, paying for the electricity bill, covering the costs of vaccinations, and for providing meals and educating all of our residents. We make sure every dollar and cent is spent wisely and thank you for trusting us with your monetary donations. Donate Today
  • Volunteer Your Time or Services
    Volunteers are a very valuable asset to the Central Florida Children’s Home, and you can volunteer with us in a variety of ways. We encourage groups to help us fulfill our mission by volunteering just  a few hours or half a day. Our Home welcomes health care professionals, and groups who just want to provide maintenance services for the grounds. Volunteers are needed for a variety of jobs and tasks, and every hour counts!
  • Donate Goods & Food Items
    The Central Florida Children’s Home is always accepting non-perishable food items and certain types of supplies. Please take a look at our “Needed Items’ list to find out what we are looking for at this time.
  • Start a Fundraiser
    Fundraisers are a fun and effective way to raise money for a good cause, and the Central Florida Children’s Home can work with you to organize a special event. Contact us for more information about fundraising ideas.

Benefits of Donating

  • The Cause
    Knowing that your dollars are helping children and families get through a time of need, you can benefit from a tax deduction for every donation.Your generous donations support families and children in a number of ways. Since the Central Florida Children’s Home is a nonprofit corporation, please consider the following when deciding how to donate:
  • IRS Section 501(C)(3) ExemptionCFCH is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as “exempt” under IRS Section 501(C)(3)Donations of more than $250 must be supported by record of payment from your bank to be used for tax purposes
  • Deductions from Volunteer WorkIf you donate by volunteering, you are permitted to deduct the value of your services and may also be able to deduct expenses if they are:Not reimbursed through your employer or any other individualA result of your volunteer work with us and directly connected to the services performedNot personal, living or family expenses

    In most cases, no more than 50% of your adjusted gross income can be deducted. If you do donate more than 50% of your income, you may carry that undeductable amount over into the next tax year.

    Please keep all records of your donation such as receipts and letters from the Central Florida Children’s Home acknowledging receipt of your donation.

Your Dollars at Work

Every dollar and cent makes a difference in the life of a child and family staying at the Central Florida Children’s Home. Your donations matter, and we invite you to join us in our mission.

Your Donation Matters!

The Central Florida Children’s Home is dedicated to providing families with a safe and comforting refuge, offering medical services and providing complimentary meals. Every dollar you donate helps to pay for the following types of expenses:

Electricity and utilities bills for the Home
Medical services
Routine and Emergency
Repair and maintenance costs for the Home
Extracurricular Activities

Individual donors like you make it possible for our families to get the care they need
during troubled times.

Our Home

With your Continued Help The Central Florida Children’s Home will be able to continue to care for abandoned, neglected, and abused children between the ages of 3 and 18 years, and keep fulfilling our dedication to creating a nurturing, fostering environment that helps these children grow into responsible and productive adults.